Rail Protekt with Biomaster

Antimicrobial technology provides permanent antibacterial protection for all surfaces

An organic, hydrophobic, polysilizane based ceramic coating for interior and exterior use. Provides a hard coating to protect internal and external surfaces for up to 5 years.

  • Application ideal for uneven surfaces
  • Perfectly suited for train, station and office interiors
  • Biomaster antimicrobial technology is added to Rail Protekt to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms such as bacteria to make surfaces more hygienic, durable and ideal for use in both hygiene critical and high traffic environments
  • Rail Protekt with Biomaster includes an antimicrobial and antibacterial additive that is ‘contact active’ meaning no bacteria or germ can survive on the surface
  • Biomaster antimicrobial technology guarantees fast, effective and long-lasting antibacterial protection
MS Ceramic ProCoat with Biomaster diagram
Benefits of using MS Surface Protection on rail fleet

Rail Protekt with Biomaster
Testing Trials

High performance anti-graffiti & dirt repellant coating

Results from rail testing trials using MS Protection products
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