Rail Industry Surface Protection - Easy Protect

Easy Protect

Protects hard exterior surfaces for up to 12 months and interior hard surfaces for up to 24 months

Easy Protect is formulated to protect exterior surfaces from damage, caused by dirt, weathering and UV attack during manufacture, storage and transportation.

A temporary polymer-based coating can be applied on-site or during build

  • Superior Protection – Easy Protect protects external hard surfaces for up to 12 months and internal hard surfaces for up to 24 months
  • Protective Barrier – Application forms a skin-tight protective barrier to protect surfaces from rust, weathering, overspray and general dirt
  • Save Time & Money – When sprayed on a hard surface, Easy Protect reduces the need to repair, clean or replace those surfaces
  • No Cleaning Required – Easy Protect protects surfaces throughout storage, transit and installation. Any dust or overspray is taken away with the coating when removed, leaving you with clean & undamaged surfaces
  • Easy Disposal – Coating is simply removed by hand peeling and disposed of as non-hazardous waste
MS Easy protect diagram
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