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Avalanche Snow Foam is a concentrated, professional, high quality foam specially formulated for maximum cleaning without causing any damage, leaving all vehicles gleaming.

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A concentrated professional high foam, this product has been specially formulated for vehicle wash, which cleans without damaging the surface. A super high foam cleaner, this product contains only natural, eco-friendly detergents for the removal of road film, grease, insects and dirt from cars, vans, buses and all commercial vehicles, and is therefore totally safe to use on all water washable surfaces – paintwork, glass, alloys, metal, rubber and plastic. Snow Foam will not harm or strip premium waxes, polishes or sealants.

On application, the Avalanche Snow Foam produces a blanket of thick white clinging foam on the vehicle and has been specially formulated to provide maximum cleaning without damaging the vehicle’s surface – the substance is pH neutral and therefore contains no acids, alkalis or solvents. Can be diluted up to 50:50 then to 2% at foam generator.

FULLY Biodegradable


How To Use:

For best results pre–wet vehicle surface and apply through a foaming lance. Apply a solution adjusting the flow to give desired foaming and cleaning. Clean all surfaces thoroughly with a sponge or brush and rinse off under high pressure.

After cleaning with Snow Foam, to get the best finish, dry and buff car with a clean cloth.



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